My 10 favorite songs

Hello lovelies ❤️

There is nothing better than when you are home alone or driving in your car and you can turn your music up loud and just dance and sing like no ones there 🎶 In this post I would like to share with you my 10 favorite songs at the moment with you 😊 Maybe you will like them too 🌟

  1. Something New – Crazy White Boy (feat. Julia Church)
  2. Hearts a Mess – Gotye
  3. Lake Arrowhead (Radio Mix) – Nora En Pure
  4. Riva (Restart the Game) – Klingande (feat. Broken Back)
  5. Milos – Kungs
  6. Here For You – Kygo (feat. Ella Henderson)
  7. Aloha – Møme (feat. Merryn Jeann)
  8. Zambia (Radio Mix) -Nora En Pure
  9. Maybe – Sir Felix (feat. Hero Baldwin)
  10. Follow You – twocolours (feat.Muringa)

So that’s it, my top 10 🌸 Most of my favorite songs are not the typical songs you hear playing on the radio all day  🎶 Do you have any favorite songs ? If yes then send send send I’m always happy with new inspirations 💫

xoxo Leah


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