Day In Constantia

Helllooo 👋🏼

So if you are looking for a cute, nature filled area in Cape Town to spend a nice sunny day then Constantia is the place for you ☀️

On Sunday  my family and I went to Constantia for the afternoon 🍃 It was beautiful just driving around to see all the unique houses, streets and nature 🌸


After driving around and exploring a bit we went to a cute restaurant buffet “Little Stream” 🌳 Super cute setup, entrance is filled with plants and cute doorways perfect for photos 📸


After walking through you get to an adorable tea garden where you sit outside on the benches and can order nice food or tea and cake for reasonable prices ☕️  Also the people there are really nice and generous 🌼


After you have eaten or whatever you can go for walks around their plot to see the stream, vines, swings or even honey bees 🐝 really beautiful and relaxing they also have a nice grassy field where you could have a picnic or even host a party 🍀


So next time you are looking for something to do in Cape Town give this beautiful place a try 🌍

xoxo Leah


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