Study Tips

Hello 🌻

So for many of you exams is around the corner ✏️ This can be a stressful time for many of you so I am going to share some tips on how to make studying more “enjoyable” if that’s even possible ? 😹

1) Have a Good Study Venue

Obviously if you study in a nice environment where you are comfortable you will be more motivated to concentrait and remember your work oppose to an uncomfortable environment. 💫 I usually study on the fluffy mat in my room if I need lots of space 😸 But I usually study at my desk 🌿 Yes it’s filled with plants  🌵 I have a bit of an obsession… But anyways 🍃 I also always put on my ‘Green Leaf Air Freshner’ because it makes my room smell soo good 🐝 So that how i like it but just make sure it’s not too comfy because then you’ll fall asleep 💤


2) Don’t Start Last Minute

I am super guilty of this… as i tend to do everything last minute 😵 Bad I know, but Im one of those people who remember best when I study closest to the test 🕐 But I strongly suggest that you start reading over your work a few weeks before as it helps to remember and understand all the information 🌟 Without stressing the night before 🌜

3) Take Breaks

Breaks are good as it gives your brain time to process the information you’ve just learnt before starting the next section of work 💥 The best things to in breaks is things that require as little brain usage as possible 😹 Sounds silly but really works ☘ I like to do streatches as it’s relaxing and also gets the blood flowing to your brain which will help you to remember stuff ☄ Also a nice thing to do is go for a walk to clear your head 🌼

4) Be Creative

I always find that te more effort and colour I put into my work the better I remember 🖌 I also always make my books and everything look pretty and neat 📘 I guess it just reflects on yourself 🙈 So if you ever want to see what a person is like before actually really getting to know them then just look at their books it can tell you alot 📖

5) Lock Out Your Cat

My cat is a PAIN…She always comes and sits right on top of my books 😺 I just leave for literally a minute and shes taken over 🐈 Thats why i say lock your pets out as they can be very distracting and annoying 🐱

6) Don’t Study On an empty Stomach

I always have to have snacks when I’m studying as if I’m hungry I can’t  concentrate properly 🍌 I like to snack on either nuts, dried fruit, hummus dips or berries  🍒 I also like to have tea on cold days or juice on warm days ☕️ but you can really have whatever you feel like 🍬


7) Chew Gum

Here is one cool study trick 🌟 It’s been scientifically proven that if you chew a certain flavour gum while you study and then chew the same flavour when you write the test it helps you to remember your work ? 😇 PS: my favorite flavour is Orbit strawberry 🍓

8) Stretch In between

Stretching is good as it gets the blood flowing to your brain 👽 and this will help you remember stuff 💫 It also helps as  you can get very stiff and tight sitting in the same place for to long so an occasional stretch is good for the muscles


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