Week in Germany 


Hey 🌬

So I was lucky enough to go with my Momma to Germany for a week 😊✨ It was only a short time but I had lots of fun 👼🏼

I was so exited as its winter there at the moment so we were able to see snow ❄️ This is only my second time seeing snow and I must say it was definitely worth the longgg trip 🚀

here are some photos from my trip…


So we discovered this frozen lake I must admit i was scared to go on in case it breaks or something but apparently (according to my momma) it is only knee deep so if anything happens you cant drown or anything so i was a bit relieved after hearing that 😪


Afterwards we went to ‘Tee House’ for warm drinks as it was freezing and I could not feel anything (bit over exaggerated) but something warm was definitely needed ! I had Kinder Punsch witch is like Gluhwein but alcohol free and tastes way better 😍


Unfortunately I did not take any more photos as I did not want to take my camera out in the cold in case it broke from the cold (its happened to me before) so that is all from this trip. I promise I will take more photos next time I go😇

xoxo Leah



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