Week in Germany 


Hey 🌬

So I was lucky enough to go with my Momma to Germany for a week 😊✨ It was only a short time but I had lots of fun 👼🏼

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Back in Time Movies

Heyy 💙

Don’t you just love watching old movies ? 🎞 I do.

So for today’s post I decided to make a list of the best “olden day” movies…

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Red Bus Tour

Helloo ✨

So if you are living in Cape Town then keep reading because  this post is for you 🌬

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Bucket List

For those of you that don’t know a bucket list is a list of places and things you want to see and achieve before you “kick the bucket” 🌷

I have written many but I always seem to loose them or change them so I decided to make one on my blog 😊

It mostly consists on travel and places to go but anyway…

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